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The Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Association

The Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Association is the principal voice for subcontractors in Illinois. IMSCA has successfully advocated on behalf of the subcontracting industry since 1966 by effectively influencing legislation and regulations, educating its members and fostering cooperation within the industry.

IMSCA is well known by Illinois legislators as a knowledgeable and trusted source of industry views and a positive force for the Illinois construction industry. IMSCA’s legislative representation is led by a team of experienced lobbyists who identify and review legislation potentially affecting subcontractors, discussing the bills with IMSCA members and advising members of the Illinois General Assembly about the concerns and perspectives of IMSCA’s member associations and their members. IMSCA also monitors actions and proposed changes by Illinois government agencies that impact construction, such as the Illinois Capital Development Board. IMSCA also serves its members by providing useful information and practical education for subcontractors.

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